Gerry Turvey invites you to her world of adventurous choreography.

Gerry Turvey is a dance artist whose work playfully intervenes in public spaces, and art galleries. Turvey World Dance is small collective of dancers and artists who come together to  explore process and develop new work.

Turvey World Dance creates work that is dramatically visual, and reflects and responds to the inherent aspects of environment. The content of the work emphasizes the specific nature of each site performed in. Gerry's interests are in community, culture, and collaboration, and bringing people together to share positive physical experiences.

She has contributed to projects in many parts of the world. including South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, America and in Europe she has worked extensively in Switzerland.

Gerry collaborates with art galleries, using the the art works and exhibitions as a starting point for movement. She was recently artist in residence at Huddersfield Art Gallery, and developed projects at Whitworth Manchester, Graves Sheffield, Leeds Art Gallery; Hepworth Wakefield, Yorkshire Sculpture Park,  Mcb-a Switzerland and Iziko National Gallery, South Africa.

Gerry also teaches yoga classes, The Yoga Space Leeds.

Gerry Turvey is based in Leeds, UK.

See the 'Current' page for information about upcoming projects, and visit the video archive and gallery for further images. Please use the 'contact' page to get in touch with Gerry.


‘I was impressed by the great and creative work you accomplished. I was touched by the authenticity’...
‘I liked the way you "live and wear" the spaces...’

'The energy was uplifting and there was also a sense of serenity'

‘The performance was quite profound in a way that was very much you’

'The way the dancers inhabited the space made me feel a part of the fabric of the performance. I haven't seen anything quite like that in an art gallery.'