Gerry Turvey invites you to her world of adventurous choreography.


Gerry Turvey is a dance artist who specialises in site specific performance for public spaces. For over 30 years her performances have been seen in places as diverse as shopping centres, churches the canal tow path, an allotment and even park benches.


Gerry’s work is sensitive yet striking and demonstrates her strong desire to communicate with the public. Her concerns are community, culture, and collaboration. She has contributed to projects in many parts of the world. She was artist in residence at The GoDown Centre in Nairobi for 3 months, followed by projects in Uganda, Namibia, and a year with Remix Dance company in Cape Town South Africa. She was invited onto projects in Massachusetts America and in Europe she has worked extensively in Switzerland and in France.


Gerry collaborates with art galleries where she uses visual art as a starting point for movement and choreography. She is currently developing projects with Leeds and Manchester galleries, and has previously performed in Huddersfield gallery, the Hepworth Wakefield and Iziko National Gallery, South Africa


Her work in the community uses dance for physical and mental well-being and encourages social inclusion through creative exploration in dance activities.
Gerry Turvey is based in Leeds, England.




‘I was impressed by the great and creative work you accomplished. I was touched by the authenticity’...

‘I liked the way you "live and wear" the spaces...’

‘The performance was quite profound in a way that was very much you’