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Landscapes of the Body Workshop

1.00-4.00pm, 13th July
Leeds University Public Art Trail

Gerry invites you to explore and respond to the public art sculptures on Leeds University Campus. During this workshop we will use sculptures on the trail, to develop dance, choreography and small performance s in response to the art works.

Tickets £8
Book here

The Generous Body

11am-4pm, Saturday July 27th

York Steiner School, 25 Fulford Cross, York, YO10 4PB

A day-long movement workshop a playful exploration into finding connection with ourselves.and the environment

Tickets £35
Please Book with Gerry or visit Facebook for more information

The Generous Body Workshop

Gerry will also be running “The Generous Body Workshop” as an exploration into land art and dance in Switzerland this August.

Making Movement •
 Making Marks • Moving Marks • M
aking Movement • 
Making Land Art

Music Dance Art

19-23 Nov 2018

Leeds Art Gallery

Each year Gerry collaborates with Leeds College of music to create work in Leeds Art Gallery, with music students and dancers. The musicians respond to the artwork and the dancers respond to the music.

If you would like to participate as a dancer please contact Gerry. turveyworld2@yahoo.com


Drawing and Dancing at Leeds Art Gallery.

Gerry will be working with visual artist Bryony Pritchard at Leeds Art gallery to run workshops in the gallery spaces to explore both movement and mark making. This project will be part of The Big Draw events for October, and is funded by Leeds Inspired and Leeds Art gallery.

See images here: https://drawinganddancing.tumblr.com/

For more details please contact Gerry. turveyworld2@yahoo.com

The Action of Water

During 2019 Gerry will be collaborating with visual artist David Armes and East Street Arts, creating new work in disused spaces in the North of England. They previously collaborated during the ROTOЯ exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery.

To see David's work please visit   http://www.redplatepress.com/


The Skin I'm In.

Films exploring the nature of aging skin and being an older dancer.Collaboration with June Gersten Roberts and Roger Bycott



ROTOЯ @ Huddersfield Art Gallery


Gerry was invited to be part of the RotoR programme of exhibitions at Huddersfield Art gallery until 2017. She will work closely with Huddersfield University and the Gallery to deliver a range of workshops and performances in response to the exhibitions.


The previous exhibition 'Migrations' opened 22nd October 2016. The performances were 17/19 November. The final exhibition 'Discursive Documents' opened in February 2017. TurveyWorld performed at the opening event on Feb 16. This was followed by a residency in May with a final performance on May 4th as part of the closing event.


Visit: http://rotor2016.tumblr.com/ for images of this work.


and https://vimeo.com/218677702




Yoga on Sundays

@ The Yoga Space  Meanwood Rd Leeds

Flow class Sundays 4.30-5.45.

Hatha classes Mondays 5.45-6.45/Wednesdays 10-11am
For more information or to book online please contact The Yoga Space

Or just turn up....it is a drop in class no need to sign up , come when you can   

Gerry's yoga class provides an opportunity to focus on the breath and open the joints and muscles in the body in a gentle and playful way. She works on correcting skeletal alignment, and using yoga to make the body more mobile for use in everyday movement. She has also trained in Thai massage techniques. If you would like a 1-1 yoga class please contact Gerry directly

Monthly restorative classes; last Friday in each month. 7-8.15pm.

 Yin Classes 2nd and last Sunday in each month 6-7.15

Gerry also teaches regular PARTNER YOGA WORKSHOPS

not to be missed! book online at the Yoga Space




Dance in Art Galleries

Gerry regularly teaches dance workshops and creates performances in a range of art galleries  

The workshops explore the themes and ideas of the exhibitions. It is an unfolding journey through the artwork, using shape, form, pattern and sequence. Short encounters inside and outside the gallery inform the movement work and performances are shared by participants at the end of the workshop. This is a unique opportunity to invent and perform dance and use improvisation inspired by art. She also creates new works both in response to exhibitions and as installations with visual artists. Please see above for details of any current events.

Quote from Audience member

'Having seen dance in exhibitions before, the dancers often seemed isolated in a specific space and separate from the exhibits. Your dancers however seemed to respond on many level’s to different areas of the gallery space and to physically interact with some of the actual exhibits. This was a success, poetic, dynamic and exciting.'

Recent events have been in Leeds and Lausanne Switzerland, this collaboration between the two cities will continue until 2023.

 Leeds Art Gallery

Four Songs for Iris Barry October 2017


Residency @ Mcb-a Lausanne Switzerland JANUARY 2018

Gerry was given a bursary from Leeds City Council to create links with Switzerland, and Lausanne in particular. She will delivered workshops at Mcb-a to both professional dancers and public to share her practice and has plans to collaborate with Leeds art gallery. The trip will include running workshops in the Ai-weiwei exhibition


Body Space Imagination


A workshop in creating site Specific dance

The experience of creating dance in a particular place is a specific way of thinking about body, space, image, and imagination. This workshop offers an opportunity to process visual information through physical interpretation and considers how to develop choreography within specific areas and with specific ideas about the use of space.

Gerry will share the concepts ideas and methodology of the way in which she creates performance in Pubic Spaces. They will be guided through improvisational tasks in different spaces, and create their own work by the end of the workshop

For more information about this works, please contact Gerry